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Tips - How to Host a Successful Virtual Team Event with Real Food

After a year (or longer) of virtual meetings, it's clear that this mode of communication is here to stay. As we adapt to this new reality, it's time to elevate our virtual meeting experiences to the next level. The way we communicate and collaborate globally has fundamentally changed and become integrated with local business and services.

Despite the lockdown and remote work arrangements, leaders and managers are still finding ways to communicate with their teams and organize engaging events. With the shift to virtual platforms, there are numerous creative ways to blend virtual events with local services for an immersive experience. For instance, a participant of our "Virtual plus Visual facilitation skills workshop" shared an innovative approach: organising a virtual team building event accompanied by the delivery of real local food to participants' doorsteps.

"I attended your workshop last month and I really like the practice and discussion sessions. I wanted to inspire my team members to be creative, to try something new and here's my "homework". We made it happen together!"

The communication

Communication is key. The purpose of this team building event was to enhance collaboration, foster creativity, and reconnect remote teams after months of working from home. To facilitate this, a detailed communication email was sent out outlining the event's purpose, agenda, activity instructions, and each team member received an Uber gift card code. This allowed them to arrange food delivery in advance, ensuring everyone could participate seamlessly.

The fun part

The team building activity kicked off even before the virtual event began. The challenge was enjoyable: each team member would order food from their own culture for a randomly assigned team member. This meant they had to understand their team member's preferences, dietary needs, and find restaurants around their location to place the order online at a specific time.

On the day

The team was buzzing with excitement about the food and kept sharing delivery updates on the group chat.

And... it's LUNCH TIME! Each team member was in for a delightful surprise as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their food, not knowing what culinary delights awaited them. The group chat lit up with lots of mouthwatering pictures yum :d

If your virtual conference platform supports music sharing, why not add some chill-out cafe music to your lunch break? Try this.

Experiencing a taste of different cultures was a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing. I love the concept of ordering food for another team member—it's a great way to foster relationships and gain insights into each other's backgrounds. It's not just about the food; it's about connecting on a personal level and strengthening working relationships.

We hope this inspires others for their next virtual events. Let's get creative and have fun in 2021!


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