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Virtual plus Visual facilitation skills workshop

A quick recap of what we have achieved in our Virtual Facilitation Foundation Skills (VFFS) Workshop, plus this time we have a very special session about VISUAL facilitation skills with our amazing guest speaker Tim Hamons (Founder of Art of Awakening) on 8 January 2021 - WOW! We have levelled up our skills for virtual connection!

We are incredibly grateful for Tim’s captivating session, sharing with us the concept, process, basic skills and his amazing templates for visual facilitation and engagement. Check out the information for Tim’s upcoming workshops here: Breathing in, Drawing out. Welcome 2021.

I think I know everything after hosting and participating online meetings for the past 12 months, but I learn so much more today on how to creatively and effectively engage my team members in our meetings.

Thanks to this dynamic and energetic group sharing with us their failures and success stories, practical experience and tips on running online events, here are some useful links we shared in the workshop:

Curious about what we did in the workshop? Here are some fun parts!

The visual facilitation expert Tim Hamons shows us the skills and process from "overcoming fear storytelling" to "visual brainstorming" and practicing "I-can-draw" all in an hour. This is a transformative experience for all of us to think creatively about how to engage audience and to present ideas and data in virtual meetings/events.

Fantastic job done by our lead facilitator Cecilia Yeung, she is amazing as always. We will continue supporting you with mastering your virtual facilitation skills and please contact us ( if you need more information about our virtual facilitation workshop.


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