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Having Miro and Zumi in our Virtual Presentation and Facilitation Skills workshop

Our last public workshop completed on 26 February 2021, we had a wonderful group of corporate users and designers from Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing and Shanghai this time, thank you for joining us! You are amazingly creative.

Exciting News!!! We are arranging a Virtual Presentation Skills Refresher session on 22 April. All of our previous workshop participants are invited to join this session with Tim Hamons, expert of visual facilitation, who will be joining us to offer tips on how to use visual facilitation to increase engagement and his sessions are always lively, highly interactive and FUN! You can check out some of the exercises and drawings we learned from Tim at our January workshop here: Virtual plus Visual facilitation skills workshop. Tim also designed a Virtual Meeting Avatar "Zumi" - a cutout artwork to remind us to look in the camera. Please feel free to click and download Zumi, thank you Tim. We love your work.

Download Zumi to remind us to look in the camera -

Except Zumi, we also had a chance to play around Miro - an online collaborative whiteboard platform - to explore different options and tools for team collaboration in our meetings. There are so many ways that we can creatively use and apply to make our online meetings interactive, productive and effective. Keep trying!

There are a few topics that we recommend participants to take the chance to practice or try out during the workshop (and also our refresher session), so that they can later apply the skills in their virtual meetings with more confidence. Suggested topics:

  • Opening a meeting with an ice-breaker

  • Managing a discussion with comments from the group

  • Arranging breakout rooms and bringing groups back for debrief

  • Sharing content and toggling from screen and group

  • Leading the group in a drawing exercise

Thank you Cecilia for your amazing work today and always. It was such an adventure for us from brainstorming ideas to delivering the actual workshops, months of collaboration and 15 hours of time zone differences. I really appreciate this learning journey with you and all the workshop participants. THANK YOU!


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