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I just started my journey - Tony

Thank you Tony for sharing your experience and thoughts about PRISM and how this process helped you gain clarity and insights. Congratulations on the first step proceeding to your success story. Join our program!

"Thank you very much for the PRISM analysis. I genuinely believe it is one of the most important piece of analysis that is going to change my career in the next couple of years.

In the past few years, I was in a bit of ambiguity to positioning myself in the career path. Although that may related to experience and opportunities, but I strongly believe that is due to not having a good understanding of myself and which direction I should be going to make the change. For that I am really thankful for having you to go through the PRISM brain mapping test for me.

The evaluation is much more than a mirror to reflect what are your behaviour characteristics, it also help you to discover and improve yourself. Additionally, when you are more understanding different types of human behaviour, you gain the knowledge how to react with peoples, i.e. how to motivate them or react accordingly. That is a valuable knowledge and experience. I am really thankful for your time and thoroughly explanation of the report. I will definitely spread the words about the PRISM experience!

Thanks Deane."

-- Tony Leung, Architect at Inkmason (Beijing)


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