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Find Your Compass Workshop

We are very excited to invite Sharon Tudela to facilitate a career coaching workshop "Find Your Compass" on Oct 24, 31 and Nov 7, 2015. This workshop is offered only to us and is free to our LamSquare Learning Community Group this time. The enrollment of this session is completely full and we are planning our next workshop now. Please stay tuned for more special programs.

Sharon Tudela is a professional executive and career coach, she is also a master facilitator specialized on cultural awareness and presentation skills. "Find Your Compass" workshop is perfect for anyone who needs guidance on finding their career direction, to further develop their career path, and to link between their own values and the job.

Career coaching is not very popular in Macau especially in today's human resources market here. However, we do receive many requests on a need to find the right match to a job and to find the right direction of people's career path. Therefore, we will continue this program to support the needs.

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