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My success story - Sophie

My life in the past few months was very much mirroring from the time when I was staying in the waiting area at the airport during the transit. The itinerary was arranged from the first flight, arrived at the first stop right now, and getting ready onto another plane for the next destination.

The way I saw my transition was that I was at a point of heading to somewhere that could be very different, exploring changes, transforming, yet thinking about what and how I would land in the next stop. That was exactly how it happened when I waited quite a long time inside the airport in the middle of the journey. It was not a stop, but a transition of work life - and what I was envisioning was that the next flight would depart pretty soon and I was expecting how far I could go this time.

While I was waiting at the airport, I usually read travel magazines, walked around, took a nap, drank coffee, imagined how things go, looked through the window watching the flights came and went, watched people around the world passing by, and chatted to strangers. That time was important because it was so personal that I would not be distracted by my daily work. I was completely away from where I used to be, not being affected by people around me. This moment was all given to myself to review and act on. I enjoyed it and looking forward to my new destination.

Setting aims and goals are always my core attitude in life and work. To achieve something new, I've learned to embrace, to be patient, to be creative, be visionary and ultimately - has to be brave.

That's my story.


Completed my PRISM in 2015. Other success stories sharing.

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