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Elementary Managerial Skill Program - Stage II Workshop

Congratulations! The Elementary Managerial Skill Program was successfully completed.

The goal of this whole program is to co-create a leadership and management culture together in the organization. After Stage I workshop in January and February 2016, which focused on practical management skill learning, Stage II workshops focused on how the team move forward to achieve organization goals.

Same as Session 1, we had a skill teach-back activity in the morning where we shared and learned success stories and challenges of applying the learned skills at workplace. The team identified their top success and challenges and committed a personal action to support others using the learned skills in workplace.

In the afternoon, we worked on a System Thinking Process. The team learned how to solve problems and generate ideas by using group thinking process. We challenged the group to answer five big questions on how to achieve the organization's goals in this year.

Finally, we created a "Commitment Wall" and the group's take-away "I will..." action statements were all practical and realistic. This commitment will lead them move forward to achieving their organization goals with building the culture of Ownership and Accountability.

Thanks to the team for their full engagement in the whole day, the best venue supporting team, my wonderful partner Cara Steenstra, and the HR team putting their 120% effort to make this program success.

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