Write Your Own Success Story Workshop

Our first session of Write Your Own Success Story Workshop in Melbourne started with these two amazing professionals - an Assessor/Consultant and an University Teacher. This is a 10-week coaching program and the purpose is to support and guide each other to achieve their goals within these ten weeks. Their goals may be short-term ones but are very critical as an initial step to achieve their life goal in the future. We also look at their before-now-future stages in life and use this life map to find their desired balance.

Check out the program events of this 6- to 12-week program and join us! Thank you Lisa and Cathy for joining us and be part of our success journeys.

Program events

Session 1

  • Self-reflection on Before/Now/Future

  • Sharing of Life-time goal (Future)

  • Wheel of Life (Now)

  • Brainstorm important life areas

  • Assess the current life map to find the balance

  • Plot the “ideal” picture

  • Find the gap and reprioritize

  • Take action to regain balance (on next 24hrs, next week, next month)