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I just started my journey - Wendy

Congratulations Wendy, you have started a new chapter in your journey - writing your own Success Story. It was an inspiring process to work with this talented, authentic and smart Data Scientist! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your journey Wendy.

"Throughout my life, I always thought I have a pretty clear and positive attitudes towards my personal and career life. Both seem very much in control and I feel very lucky to have pretty smooth sailing throughout the years. However, we all know things change, despite having a positive life attitudes, I have been a bit lost in finding a clear future path and starting to lose confidence in myself.

Deane has helped me to realise my potential and areas which I can translate my strength into skills and abilities which I can apply at work through PRISM brain mapping. The tool has helped me to understand areas which I have not yet my full potential and also areas which I have been really good at. It is important for me to realise why and what these are because in the recent years, I feel that I have lost some of my passions in life and I have taken a step back. I need to regain my confident and passions in order to move out of my comfort zone and continue to grow and feel the fire in myself again – which I truly enjoy in the past.

We have also completed a career development workshop to look at my career goals and values. This helps me to focus on what I can offer as an employee to an organisation as I am in the process of reassessing my next career move. We have also completed the Write Your Own Success Story workshop to reprioritise things which I have neglected but still value and setting small goals to remind myself we can still regain what is important in life.

Thank you Deane for such inspiring sessions. You are truly a great facilitator and listener. I honestly enjoy the time spend with you and other participants to work these through."

-- Wendy Au




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