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Corporate training program for managers

We have moved our training events to online mode years ago and we continue the "Growth and Learning Team Series" journey virtually for this group of managers this year.

There are three workshop series in this program. We went through the first workshop series for supervisors to learn and practice supervisory ‘hard skills’ and service culture for their daily operations as a team leader. The second workshop series was designed for managers to equip them with management skills, communication skills, leadership competencies and team development strategy, that are aligned with the company’s culture, goals and values.

Practical team building skills and workflow management skills are the key focus of this group of managers, and the group has done their great work on business system, team charter, process mapping, and process improvement in the class. We will see what kind of change they will bring back to their workplace.

The last workshop series will be held in the next quarter, which was designed for senior leaders and executives to equip with the right management tools and a deeper understanding of leadership to proactively influence their teams to achieve business results. We will use PRISM Leadership Development tool to guide them identify their team leadership styles, which will be a fun and interesting part of this program.

We are looking forward to our next workshop. Thanks gentlemen for your participation and sharing.

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