Find Your Compass workshop - Part 2

In the first session last week, we started our journey of "Self Assessment" by creating our Life Timelines, understanding our Career Values, and assessing our Motivation Skills.

We continued on this path today by exploring different career interests. In the "Exploration" stage, where we took our blinders off and imagined what jobs would make us wake up every single day energized and eager to do the work we love! This process required a lot of thinking and challenging ourselves, the power was the clarification came out from the thinking and sharing process. Well done everyone!

In our next and final session, we are going to the "Focus" stage where we hone in on what our realistic and attainable career options are. We will have our coaching buddy and practice coaching skills in class.

Thank you Sharon Tudela for your wonderful work today. Check out our Find Your Compass workshop - Part 1 and our new program - Be Your Own Coach.