Executive Committee Culture Building Workshop

This is an organisational development program that we have been working together for over a year. It is a long process and we are step-by-step achieving every single milestone. Thank you for all the handwork and effort each team member put into this program so far, including:

Team Development Workshop

Management Workshop

Celebrate the Success of Program Launch

Skill Building Workshop for Supervisors and Managers/Leaders

Launch of New Organisation Direction

Skill Building Workshop for Senior Managers

Executive Coaching Program and more...

At this stage, we look further into each member's potential in the Executive Committee. We had a one-day Executive Committee Culture Building Workshop in a lovely resort. The objective of this workshop was to identify individual’s strengths and development areas by using PRISM Brain Mapping, to understand the EC team's behavior culture and identify areas to collaborate effectively in the team, and to develop the EC meeting process and framework by using the PAGE rule.

A lot of in-depth discussion and insight sharing in the day. I enjoyed so much working with this team and this organisation. What's more important is how the team follow up the action plan developed from the workshop, making the organisation stronger and success. We look forward to the next step in the development journey with the team, thank you very much for the trust from the leaders, Eileen and Audrey Stow.

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