Write your own success story workshop - Day 2

Today is a storytelling session. On Day 2, we begin with updating our 2-week goal we set on Day 1. Again, a goal can be very small, it's not about how big the result, it's about the process and achievement. A small tiny step like making a Banana Bread can help a person break through a habit and create a new routine again. Let's start from small.

Now we have successfully achieved our little goals we set two weeks ago, it is time to celebrate our accomplishment and think about where I want to BE.

On this day, we experience different ways to explore our creativity, we think of interesting characters, we draw (yes you can draw!), we create a story line, we tell our own story, we listen to others, and we believe in ourselves. Failures and challenges are stepping stones for our success, remember that, don't stop, you deserve success!

Thank you for the amazing stories you shared today, they are inspiring!

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