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Project Mason Mission 3 - Be My Chef | An experiential project to build meaningful partnership

Another #projectmason mission completed. Project Mason 2021 follows the Inkmason Team for 4 months as they go through a series of missions to build a stronger and meaningful collaborative partnership with their teammates. Review the idea of this project and here comes the reveal of Mission 3 - Be My Chef. Follow us for the next mission of #projectmason in November!

Mission 3 - Be My Chef
  • Mission - Together with your teammates, prepare a meal for another team.

  • Details - "We are what we eat." In this mission, we also are what we cook! Prepare a lunch for another team (randomly assigned) fitting their own cultures - hometown characteristics, preferences, dietary needs, etc.

This time, they had this mission revealed on WeChat live! Scan to follow Inkmason and their official page about Mission 1 - 你想知道别人眼中的你吗? and Mission 2 - 你儿时最珍贵的记忆是什么?

Each team shared their stories about how they investigated their target team's cultures, did their research, prepared the meals by themselves, and nicely presented them hot (or cold) on the table! Very very impressive. We could also hear a lot of the team members saying "We made this for you..."

A snapshot of some beautiful dishes.

Project mason mission 3 hosted by Inkmason

Now, it's time to select one favourite story, the one they resonated the most, the one made them feel home. Congratulations to June and 卓豪! Your team won most votes. Out of the 3 mystery award envelopes, they drew out the luxury spa retreat, WOW!!!

Snap Mission - Be A Mission Designer

We called up the team for a snap mission two weeks ago for a snap mission, which was to ask each team to design a mission aligning the purpose and objective of Project Mason.

We also revealed the result of this snap mission today because it will be the next mission for the team. Congratulations to our winning team - Jasmine, Dean and Robin. You won this mission and will be the host and judge of Mission 4 - Cup Dance. This is a very challenging teamwork activity. Well done! Stay tuned for our next mission reveal.

Follow us for the next mission reveal of #projectmason in November!

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