#lamsquare28daychallenge Mind-Body-Balance reflection

After the first challenge, we decided to do a Mark II for #lamsquare28daychallenge Mind-Body Balance in March. We completed the whole challenge on 31 March, and it seemed like this challenge had made an impact on us. Again, this challenge is not about doing exercise, yoga or running, it is all about testing our boundary, challenging our mindset and building self-confidence to help us take back control of our life. It is always worth to try new things, right?

OK so what's the impact on me? The reason why we decided to do a Mark II of Mind-Body Balance was because I could not stop. I thought of what sports gear to wear everyday when I woke up and I looked forward to having a retreat every 5 days! Now it becomes a routine to me, again, it is not about exercise, it is more about balancing my daily work and my body's needs. I used to sit and work on my laptop when my kids had their tennis class, soccer class or aikido class, now I use this 45 minutes to walk, and I look forward to it and I enjoy it so much. It is the "look forward" keeps you motivated. What is your "Look Forward" driver?

Here is what we have done in #lamsquare28daychallenge Mark II. Thanks to all of our friends and family who participated in this challenge. Look forward to our next round!